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Kata Bags ™
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Kata Bags

3N1-10 DL for DSLR w/mid-range zoom lens+ 1-2 lenses+flash KT DL-3N1-10

Item # KT DL-3N1-10

3N1-10 DL Sling Backpack

The unique 3N1-10 DL bag provides three carrying options in one, morphing from right sling to backpack to left sling. Changing carrying positions is fast and easy by use of its quick release buckles. The 3N1-10 is designed to carry a DSLR with lens attached plus additional lenses and other photo equipment, OR a compact video camcorder with accessories. Outfitting the main compartment to suit your carrying needs is done easily with the provided padded modular dividers.

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